Original Research

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Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 4

Assessment of active pharmaceutical ingredients in drug registration procedures in Pakistan: implications for the future

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Page: 156-63

Author byline as per print journal: Babar Khan, BPharm, MPH, PhD; Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Ayesha Babar, BPharm, MPhil; Shahzad Hussain, BPharm, MPhil; Sidra Mahmood, PharmD, MSc; Tahir Aqeel, BPharm, MPhil… Read More »

Naming and labelling of biologicals – the perspective of hospital and retail pharmacists

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Page: 151-5

Author byline as per print journal: Professor Philip J Schneider, MS, FASHP; Michael S Reilly, Esq Introduction: To date, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has offered only draft guidance… Read More »

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