Biosimilars interchangeability, increased costs and burden for FDA

2012-03-20 Biosimilars manufacturers in the US are faced with many hurdles, including untested regulatory pathways, patent challenges and manufacturing issues associated with making such complicated molecules.… Read More »

FDA issues drug shortage draft guidance

2012-03-19 FDA announced on 21 February 2012 the release of drug shortage draft guidance for industry in order to increase the supply of critically needed cancer… Read More »

FDA approves new suppliers to alleviate cancer drug shortages

2012-03-16 Two new suppliers of cancer treatments have been approved by FDA to try to alleviate ongoing US drug shortages. FDA has approved the temporary importation… Read More »

Greece drug shortages

2012-03-15 A severe drug shortage is threatening to undermine the health and welfare of Greek citizens as prescription drugs and even basic over-the-counter medicines are in… Read More »

GaBI launches GaBI Journal

2012-02-29 – A new information source for generics and biosimilars – Pro Pharma Communications International proudly announces the launch of GaBI Journal—official Journal of the Generics and… Read More »

Oncologists urged to embrace biosimilars to help control spiraling costs of cancer care

2012-02-24 Oncologists have been urged to embrace biosimilar drug substitution to help control the spiraling costs of cancer care. However, they have been warned that the… Read More »

Obama healthcare budget cuts

2012-02-24 US President Barack Obama has announced proposals for fiscal year 2013 which aim to cut the US deficit by US$4 trillion over the next decade.… Read More »

Prescribing of generic PPIs and statins in Scotland

2012-02-24 In Scotland, a series of measures have been introduced since 2000 in order to encourage use of generic rather than brand-name proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)… Read More »

Commission urges Greece to make parallel trade fair

2012-02-24 The European Commission announced on 26 January 2012 that it wanted Greece ‘to establish fair play on parallel importation of medicinal products’. The Commission is… Read More »

FDA finally issues draft biosimilar guidance

2012-02-17 The long-awaited guidance for biosimilars in the US has finally arrived. FDA announced on 10 February 2012 that it had issued three draft guidance documents… Read More »

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