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Editor’s Letter

Latest features in GaBI Journal, 2023, Issue 3 / Professor Philip D Walson, MD, USA

Original Research

Budget impact analysis of a rituximab intravenous biosimilar in patients with follicular lymphoma and large B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Chile / Tomás Abbot1, MSc; Nicolás Armijo1, MSc; Robin Piron2, PhD; Manuel Espinoza1, 3, PhD, Chile

Pharmacokinetic bioequivalence studies of a new Etoricoxib tablet formulation developed using proprietary MiST technology — risk assessment and mitigation using GastroPlus software / Dhananjay Panigrahi1, MPharm; Aditya Murthy2, MPharm, PhD; Shubham Jamdade2, MPharm; Manoj Gundeti2, MPharm; Nagarjun Rangaraj1, MPharm, PhD, MPharm; Anup Avijit Choudhury1, MPharm; Tausif Ahmed2, MPharm, PhD; Venkat Ramana Naidu1, MPharm, PhD,  India

Review Article

Increasing adoption of quality-assured biosimilars to address access challenges in low- and middle-income countries / Pritha Paul1, PhD; Rahul Kapur2,*, MBBS, PhD; Shivani Mittra2, MPharm, PhD; Nimish Shah3, JD, MBA; Gopal K Rao1, MSc; Matthew E Erick4, BS, RPh; Susheel Umesh1, BPharm, MBA; Sandeep N Athalye2, MBBS, MD, India

Trends in Saudi FDA drug approvals and GMP inspections: an observational study / Dr Ali M Alhomaidan; Mohammed Abdulaziz Alageel; Turki Abdulaziz Alrafie; Hassan Mohammed Alqarni; Ibraheem Yahya Khbrani; Dalal J Alkhamis; Mohammed F Alkhalifah; Abdualmajeed S bin Jumaiah; Dr Mohammed A Dahhas, Saudi Arabia

The incorporation of the Halal Management System (HMS) by the pharmaceutical industry / Ka-Liong Tan1, DPhil; Ainoon Othman1; Irwan Mohd Subri3; Noor Fadzilah Zulkifli1; Mohd Mahyeddin Mohd Salleh3; Nazariyah Yahaya4; Khairun Nain Nor Aripin1; Shahirah Nadiah Shaharuddin5; Seri Azalina Mohd Ghazalli6;Muhammad Syazan Sulaiman6, Malaysia


Comparative efficacy studies of biosimilars: data versus theoretical risks, beliefs, and comfort / Adjunct Professor Pekka Kurki, MD, PhD / Finland

Current understanding, knowledge, and perception of biosimilars in a changing landscape of regulatory requirements / Andriy Krendyukov, MD, PhD; Marta Bakowska, BA (Hon), MPH; Dirk Schiller, PhD; Sanjay Singhvi, BSc (Hon), MBBS, MBA, Germany/UK

Ethnic sensitivity assessments in biosimilar monoclonal antibodies clinical development programmes: necessary or not? / Sandeep N Athalye1, MBBS, MD; Dev B Baruah1, MPharm; Shivani Mittra1, MPharm, PhD; Ankit Ranpura1, MD; Kuldeep Kumar1, PhD; Elena Wolff-Holz2, MD, India/Germany

Meeting Report

Medicare drug price negotiations: impact on healthcare development and patient access to medicines / Michael S Reilly, Esq; Thomas R Barker, Esq, JD; Charles M Clapton, Steven J Potts, PhD, MBA; Andrew Spiegel, Esq, USA/Canada

Research News

Switches between biosimilars and their reference products / Dr Sarah Schrieber, PharmD, US FDA

Infliximab discontinuation in patients with originator retransition vs. biosimilar continuation / Rosanne Meijboom, The Netherlands

Pharma News

Preserve the US interchangeable standard that has helped drive physician and patient confidence in biosimilars / Michael S Reilly, Esq


Regulatory pathway for approval of ‘biosimilars’ in Iran / Jalal Naeli, MD, Iran

Sponsored Article

Biosimilar antibody drug conjugates: considerations of higher order structure and aggregation /  Easton RL, BSC (Hons), DIC, PhD, UK

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