GaBI Overview

Sustainability and equal access to health care for all is at risk due to rapidly increasing costs. The reasons for this are diverse: increased standard of living and life expectancy, but also the high cost of new drug innovations. Today’s society is looking for inexpensive solutions to its ever-increasing demands. Healthcare systems endeavour on the one hand to provide groundbreaking, novel solutions to a greater than ever demand for therapeutic assistance, and on the other hand to achieve this in the most cost-efficient way.

The availability of low-cost pharmaceutical products through generic medicines, and the ability to make medical care affordable to everyone are high on the social and political agenda of almost every nation in the world.

The Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) has been set up to support these demands.

GaBI provides an umbrella for a range of activities such as an online news exchange platform, an independent peer reviewed journal, educational workshops and scientific conferences.

To further enhance the objectives of GaBI in sharing of information and knowledge that ensure policies supportive of safe biosimilars use, in June 2021, GaBI launched the ‘Latin American Forum’ (in Spanish) featuring the latest news and updates on research and developments in generic and biosimilar medicines in Latin America. Visit the GaBI ‘Latin American Forum’ here.

The multifaceted characteristic of GaBI and its involvement in the scientific world under various forms will ensure the wide dissemination of its objectives.

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