About PPCI

General Introduction

Pro Pharma Communications International (PPCI) has been involved in building communication platforms in pharmacy-related scientific journals and websites since 2002, for example, the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Practice and Science, the European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy; as well as various books, e.g. Biopharmaceuticals for European hospital pharmacists, and supplements, e.g. Quality in Oncology Pharmacy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide healthcare specialists and practitioners in hospital and oncology pharmacy, with noteworthy and practical information relevant to their field of activity and to offer hospital and oncology pharmacy professionals a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience.

To achieve our mission, we focus our efforts on the following values that we deem of utmost importance: excellence of the peer reviewed original scientific research papers, supreme quality of the editorial contributions by first-class authors in their area of expertise, and structured and well-designed information suitable for all levels of target readers.

Our vision is to contribute to the well being of patients by disseminating first-class information on therapies to healthcare professionals, which aims to improve the quality and outcome of patient care.

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