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GaBI Journal

The mission of GaBI Journal (official Journal of the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative) is to provide an independent, high quality, authoritative, and peer reviewed platform for the publication of scientific articles concerning any aspect of the research into and development of cost-effective medicines, irrespective of their source.

GaBI Journal strives to satisfy the needs of a wide readership, offering high quality relevant reports, studies, analyses and updates on issues of interest to healthcare practitioners, policymakers and drug developers.

GaBI Journal – print ISSN: 2033-6403; online ISSN: 2033-6772

GaBI Online

GaBI Online aims to be a one-stop portal containing news, a repository of worldwide guidelines and an archive of related scientific information. It seeks to provide readers with the latest updates on developments in generic and biosimilar medicines, and to serve as a communication vehicle to reach key members of the healthcare world.

GaBI Online subscribers can stay informed by receiving weekly online alerts on the latest news on generic and biosimilar medicines from different perspectives covering information on research and general news, policies and legislation, worldwide guidelines, scientific and interview reports, news and reports of major conferences and events.

GaBI Educational Forum

GaBI Educational Forum aims to enhance the knowledge on and understanding of key issues relating to regulatory approval and quality assessment of and good manufacturing practice for biologicals/biosimilars, as well as associated topics such as good manufacturing practices, clinical trials, interchangeability, pharmacovigilance, registries in biologicals/biosimilars.

Upcoming webinars on 1) ophthalmic biosimilars; 2) regulatory considerations, pharmacovigilance, switching/interchangeability for healthcare professionals in Argentina, plus more are planned for 2022. Contact us for more information.


The new section of the ‘Latin American Forum’ on GaBI has been launched.  The objective of this new section is to provide you with all the latest news and updates on developments of generic and biosimilar medicines in Latin America in Spanish.

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Se ha lanzado la nueva sección del ‘Foro Latinoamericano’ sobre GaBI. El objetivo de esta nueva sección es brindarle las últimas noticias y actualizaciones sobre desarrollos de medicamentos genéricos y biosimilares en América Latina en español.

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GaBI Journal Educational Series

Biosimilars for Healthcare Professionals
Biosimilarity and Interchangeability
Generic Immunosuppressants in Transplantation
Non-Biological Complex Drugs
INN for biosimilars

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