Educational Workshops

GaBI educational workshops aim to provide training opportunities in focus topics identified by members of the journal editorial boards, reflecting the current educational needs of the target audience. Workshop topics in areas such as bioequivalence methodology, biopharmaceutical production, quality evaluation in general and generic drug evaluation in particular health economics, drug substitution issues and risk management programmes. GaBI educational workshops are delivered by recognized experts and are open to an international audience to promote common understanding and practical approach on the issues discussed in view of the GaBI mission: building trust in cost-effective treatments.

If you have any suggestions on generics and biosimilars scientific developments with appealing topics for an educational workshop, please contact us for further discussion.

View the latest educational workshops GaBI organized:

2nd ASEAN Educational Workshop on GMP FOR BIOLOGICALS/BIOSIMILARS 2019

2nd Turkish Interactive Workshop on REGULATORY ASSESSMENT OF BIOSIMILARS 2019


3rd Colombian Educational Workshop on REGULATORY ASSESSMENT OF BIOSIMILARS 2019

1st ASEAN Overview Workshop on GMP for BIOLOGICALS/BIOSIMILARS 2018

First ASEAN Educational Workshop on Regulation and Approval of Biosimilars/Similar Biotherapeutic Products 2017

First INVIMA Educational Workshop on Assessment of Similar Biotherapeutic Products 2016

First Turkish Interactive Workshop on Regulation and Approval of Similar Biotherapeutic Products/Biosimilars 2016

First MENA Educational Workshop on Similar Biotherapeutic Products/Biosimilars 2015

First Latin American Educational Workshop on Similar Biotherapeutic Products 2015

First Asia-Pacific Educational Workshop Non-Biological Complex Drugs 2013

Non-Biological Complex Drugs Educational Workshop 2014

Scientific Conferences / Meetings

GaBI organizes and supports the organization of scientific conferences that advocate the importance of advancing generic and biosimilar medicines as the high quality, affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare alternative. Authoritative figures and leaders in the scientific field of generics and biosimilars will be invited as guest speakers to share their views, or to communicate outcomes of original research, to an international audience.

View the latest scientific conferences/meetings GaBI organized:

2nd MENA Stakeholder Meeting on Regulatory Approval, Clinical Settings, Interchangeability and Pharmacovigilance of Biosimilars 2018

First GCC Stakeholder Meeting on Approval Process, Interchangeability/Substitution and Safety of Biosimilars 2017

Second Colombian Scientific Meeting on Quality Assessment of Biosimilars/Similar Biotherapeutic Products 2017

ROUNDTABLE ON REGISTRIES: Practical Considerations for Registries – making them work 2017

ROUNDTABLE ON BIOSIMILARS – Pharmacovigilance, Traceability, Immunogenicity 2016

Second Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Non-Biological Complex Drugs 2016

ROUNDTABLE ON BIOSIMILARS with participation by European Regulators and Medical Societies 2016

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