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Online First articles have been peer reviewed, accepted for publication and published online; they have not yet been assigned to a journal issue. When an article is published in a journal issue with the assigned page number, it will be removed from the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page.

Online First articles are copyedited by the science editors and the editorial production team; typeset, proofread and approved by the author(s) before publication. We aim to post each article within six weeks of acceptance and within two weeks after final proofreading approval by the author. Online First articles are in searchable full text, with the initial online publication date included in the final print version.

Articles appearing on the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page are in the order of the Journal Editorial Sections.  You may also view the abstract by clicking on the article link.

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Editor’s Letter

Latest features in GaBI Journal, 2021, Issue 3 / Professor Philip D Walson, MD

Original Research

Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of generic etoricoxib in healthy volunteers / Nishalini Harikrishnan, BSc; Ka-Liong Tan, DPhil; Kar Ming Yee, BPharm; Alia Shaari Ahmad Shukri, MSc; Nalla Ramana Reddy, MBBS; Chuei Wuei Leong, PhD

Reasons for patients’ generic drug switching at the pharmacy counter: a pilot study / Pieter J Glerum, MSc; Mert Hayta, PharmD, MSc; David M Burger, PharmD, PhD; Cees Neef, PharmD, PhD; Marcel L Bouvy, PharmD, PhD; Marc Maliepaard, PhD

Extended stability of the trastuzumab biosimilar ABP 980 (KANJINTI®) in polyolefin bags and elastomeric devices / Lyndsay Davies, PhD; Katie Milligan, BSc; Mark Corris, BSc; Ian Clarke1; Paul Dwyer, MSc; Sarah Elizabeth Lee, PhD; Jolene Teraoka, BSc; Jill Crouse-Zeineddini, PhD; Jane Hippenmeyer, PharmD

Review Articles

A critical review of substitution policy for biosimilars in Canada / Michael S Reilly, Esq, Professor Philip J Schneider, MS, FASHP, FASPEN, FFIP

Microbiological, scientific and regulatory perspectives of hand sanitizers  / Adjunct Associate Professor Sia Chong Hock, BSc Pharm, MSc; Tan Ying Ting, BSc Pharm (Hons); Associate Professor Chan Lai Wah, BSc Pharm (Hons)

The European framework for intellectual property rights for biological medicines / Josette Sciberras, MBA, MA Bioethics, BPharm (Hons); Raymond Zammit, SThD; Patricia Vella Bonanno, PhD

Biotechnological therapies and biosimilars for COVID-19: scarcities, poor regulation, and pharmaceutical black market: a case analysis in Ecuador / Esteban Ortiz-Prado, MD, MSc, MPH, PhD; Enrique Teran, MD, PhD; Raul Patricio Fernandez Naranjo, MSc; Doménica Cevallos-Robalino, MD; Eduardo Vasconez1, MD; Alex Lister, MPH


Regulatory pathway for approval of ‘biosimilars’ in Iran / Jalal Naeli, MD

Pilot Study

Use of biologicals in dermatology – following the agreed path or going off-piste? A brief report / Michael Wilcock, MPhil; Andrew Pothecary, MSc

Research News

Biosimilar epoetin for cancer and chemotherapy-induced anaemia in the US / Charles L Bennett, MD

Abstracted Scientific Content

An IPRP survey of the regulatory requirements for the waiver of in vivo bioequivalence studies of generic products in certain dosage forms / Alfredo García Arieta, PhD

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