Future Activities

Multilingual Publications

PPCI produces, upon request, supplements and reprints of published articles in foreign languages.

PPCI has experience in reproducing published content in different languages, for instance, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

Should you be interested in producing a supplement or reprint in your selected language, in order to ensure local access to global healthcare information, please contact us.

All requests to translate and reprint must be obtained in writing through the journal office in Mol, Belgium. No other persons or offices are authorised to act on our behalf. In general, the journal is willing to grant permission to translate and reprint an article after receipt of payment of a copyright royalty fee.

Persons interested in obtaining permissions to translate and reprint an article should include the complete citation of the article, the language into which the article will be translated, and the number of copies to be reproduced.

For further information, contact us.

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