Fast Track

For time-sensitive manuscripts, GaBI Journal offers Fast Track service for an additional fee. Peer review is completed in five to 10 working days and comments are communicated to the author within three working days upon receipt by the editorial office. Authors are asked to submit a revised manuscript within 10 to 15 working days. Accepted manuscripts are processed within two to three weeks, published online within two business days upon final author approval, and in print in the next available issue. Please request this service in the cover letter, using ‘Fast Track’ in the subject line for manuscript submissions. When sending your submission, please include a completed Fast Track payment form. The Fast Track fee is Euros 350 to cover the cost incurred for expedited review. This fee is charged upon receipt of your submission and is non-refundable and non-cancelable. If your paper is rejected, there will be no further charges, however, if it is accepted, the regular per-page publication charge shall apply.

Citing Fast Track publications

Fast Track articles are assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), which allows the paper to be cited in the literature immediately following online publication. Prior to print publication, please cite as follows: Author(s). Article title. GaBI Journal. Published online: xx Month 201x. doi:10.5639/ After print publication, add the date of online publication and the DOI number to the standard citation.

Click here to download Fast Track payment form PDF.



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