Generic Immunosuppressants in Transplantation

The objective of this educational series is to offer an update on the current issues and practical experiences in the use of generic immunosuppressants in transplantation, as well as the possible recommendations to increase higher uptake. The educational series will be produced in a structured format intended for healthcare practitioners, including transplantation specialists, transplantation pharmacists, and regulators.

Topics cover perspectives on the ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation) recommendations on generic immunosuppressive drugs in transplantation, bioequivalence and comparability issues, and practical aspects when using generic immunosuppressants for patients in transplant, with science-based information.

Please view the published manuscripts under this educational series:

Why bioequivalence and unconditional interchangeability of generic drugs are not the same

Equivalence of generic medicines in general and immunosuppressants in particular – a regulatory opinion on switching of cyclosporin, tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil

Commentary on the recommendations of the European Society for Organ Transplantation Advisory Committee on generic substitution of immunosuppressive drugs

Role of hospital pharmacist in transplantation, generic immunosuppressants

Guest Editor: Professor Teun van Gelder, MD, PhD, Internist–Nephrologist/Clinical Pharmacologist, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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