GaBI launches GaBI Journal

Published: 2012-02-29

GaBI launches GaBI Journal

– A new information source for generics and biosimilars –

Pro Pharma Communications International proudly announces the launch of GaBI Journal—official Journal of the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative—the reliable information source on generic and biosimilar medicines for healthcare professionals, under the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative umbrella (

GaBI Journal is unique as an independent, peer reviewed academic journal—it encompasses all aspects of generic and biosimilar medicines development and use, from fundamental research to clinical application and policies.
The scope of GaBI Journal is broad and of interest and relevance to professionals active in clinical practice, pharmaceutical science, and policy. Materials published in GaBI Journal include high quality research reports, literature reviews and case studies, all of which are peer reviewed.
GaBI Journal aims to educate and raise trust in safe and cost-effective use of medicines for healthcare professionals. To achieve this, GaBI Journal plans to publish high quality, peer reviewed and independent scientific articles on all aspects of generic and biosimilar medicines, including but not limited to the development of formulations, production, testing (including equivalence – in vivo and in vitro), model development, regulatory issues, supply chain management, and pharmacoeconomics, through the support of experts who are highly motivated to share their knowledge and professional experience.
In addition, GaBI Journal endeavours to publish regulatory guidelines and legislation in an abbreviated, simplified format as short reports, facilitating an easier and wider understanding of the technical and complicated official documentation.
GaBI Journal is circulated to healthcare professionals involved in all aspects of medicinal provision, including physicians, hospital pharmacists, healthcare providers, insurance companies, generics/biosimilars producers, industry suppliers, manufacturers of chemicals/raw materials, biotechnology companies, clinical research and manufacturing organisations, distributors of generics and biosimilars, innovator pharmaceutical companies, national and international regulatory agencies, policymakers, and members of relevant societies, such as CGPA, EGA, FIP, GPhA, IGPA, IPA, JGA, PGEU.
GaBI Journal’s editorial content aims to satisfy the needs of a wide readership and is structured in a variety of editorial sections: Editorial, Commentary, Review article, Meta-analysis, Original research, Short communications, Letters to the Editor, Perspective, Special Report, News, Legal, Regulatory, Guidelines, and more (conference or meeting reports, interviews, education, abstracted scientific content, patient information and a lighter look at what is happening worldwide in the Rhythm section).
All articles are published in English. The initial circulation exceeds 5,000 copies targeting professionals in clinical practice and healthcare policies, pharmaceutical experts and scientists worldwide.
GaBI Journal adheres to the standard of the ICMJE – Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication.
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Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) was founded in 2008 by Professor Huub Schellekens (The Netherlands), Professor Arnold Vulto (The Netherlands), and Ms Lasia Tang (Belgium); with the support of Pro Pharma Communications International who proudly launched the first platform—GaBI Online—in 2009 under the GaBI umbrella.
The mission of GaBI is to foster the worldwide efficient use of high quality and safe medicines at an affordable price, thus advancing and supporting the idea of accessible, affordable and sustainable health care. GaBI aims to raise the scientific status of generic and biosimilar medicines, and to provide comprehensive, high quality, scientifically sound, reliable, well-documented and up-to-date information about generic and biosimilar medicines both in print and electronically in an open access format.
Pro Pharma Communications International (PPCI) has been involved in building communication platforms in pharmacy-related scientific journals and websites since 2002.
The mission of PPCI is to provide healthcare specialists, practitioners and physicians with up-to-date and practical information relevant to their field of activity and offers a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience.
PPCI shares the vision of GaBI―building trust in cost-effective treatments―by showing that they are as safe and effective as, or even better than, their reference products, and promotes affordable and safe treatments for the well-being of patients.
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