Perceptions of the value of generics in Brazil

2017-03-13 Generics were first approved in Brazil in 1999. Substitution of generics and reference drugs can occur at the time of purchase and upon patients’ request,… Read More »

Clinical and regulatory issues for biosimilars

2017-03-10 As the first biosimilars are being approved in the US, there are a number of clinical and regulatory issues that must be considered for the… Read More »

Perceptions of the effectiveness and quality of generics

2017-03-08 More than a quarter of doctors and the general public believe that generics are less effective and of poorer quality than brand-name drugs, according to… Read More »

A strategic approach to increase uptake of biosimilars in Spain

2017-03-06 Ainhoa Aranguren Oyarzábal and colleagues from the Madrid Health Service (MHS), Spain, describe the strategic approach that has been introduced in Spain to try and… Read More »

Generics perceptions in patients, pharmacists and doctors

2017-03-03 A significant proportion of the general public, pharmacists and doctors have negative perceptions about generics, according to a study carried out by researchers from New… Read More »

Switching between originator and follow-on iron-sucrose

2017-03-01 Researchers from France describe and compare the haematological parameters and anaemia medications used in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients undergoing haemodialysis, before and after switching… Read More »

Substitution of generic antiepileptic drugs

2016-12-12 Despite the availability of generic antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), patients and neurologists still hesitate to make a switch due to several reasons. The objectives of this… Read More »

Biosimilars: management of clinical issues

2016-12-09 How to manage clinical issues encountered with biosimilars was a topic discussed in a review of biosimilars in rheumatology by author José M Serra López-Matencio… Read More »

Payers in US view biosimilars as a lower-cost branded option

2016-12-07 Payers in the US do not expect the biosimilars market to be like the generics market and they also do not expect the US biosimilars… Read More »

A multidisciplinary perspective on biosimilars

2016-12-05 A biosimilar is an officially regulated and approved copy of an originator biological therapy. Authors Khraishi et al. aimed to provide a comprehensive review of… Read More »

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