Top 10 most read GaBI Online articles in 2011

Published: 2012-05-14

Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) was founded in 2008 by Professor Huub Schellekens of Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands; Professor Arnold Vulto of Erasmus University Medical Center at Rotterdam, The Netherlands; and Ms Lasia Tang, Belgium; with the support of Pro Pharma Communications International.

The mission of GaBI is to foster the worldwide efficient use of high quality and safe medicines at an affordable price, thus advancing and supporting the principle of accessible, affordable and sustainable health care.

GaBI Online was launched in 2009 and has quickly developed into an authoritative resource for global news on the recent developments in the field of generics and biosimilars, a repository of worldwide guidelines and an archive of related scientific information. It seeks to provide readers with the latest updates on developments in relation to generic and biosimilar medicines, and to serve as a communication vehicle to reach key members of the healthcare world.

2011 was a busy year and biosimilars was the hot topic of the year for GaBI Online. Below is a list of the top 10 most read articles in 2011. Follow the links in the titles of each article to remind yourself what happened over the last year.

Article title and link*

EMA adopts guideline on biosimilar monoclonal antibodies

Market opportunities for biosimilars

Biosimilars approved in Europe

Development of biosimilars

Sandoz announces biosimilar rituximab

TNF biosimilar approved in China

The biggest US patent expiries of 2010

Brazil to manufacture biosimilar adalimumab

Challenges ahead for biosimilar development

Everybody jumping on the biosimilars bandwagon

*arranged in top 10 order with the most read article listed first

This shows that guidelines are the issues of most interest, followed by a general interest in news and current status around biosimilars development, for instance, opportunities, challenges and approval status around the globe (Brazil, China, Europe).  Needless to say, scientific research data is one of the most popular articles within GaBI Online.

If you are interested in contributing a research article in a similar area to GaBI Journal, please send us your submission here.

GaBI’s mission – building trust in cost-effective treatments

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