Importance of the determination of the higher order structure in the in-use stability studies of biopharmaceuticals

Published in: Volume 9 / Year 2020 / Issue 2
Page: 49-51

Abstract: Knowledge of the higher order structure of proteins is important in biopharmacological studies, such as in biosimilar comparability studies. This paper describes the analytical methods available to determine higher… Read More »

Ever-changing landscape of biosimilars in Canada; findings and implications from a global perspective

Published in: Volume 8 / Year 2019 / Issue 3
Author(s): , ,
Page: 93-7

Author byline as per print journal: Brian Godman1,2,3, BSc, PhD; Eleonora Allocati4, BSc, MSc; Evelien Moorkens5, BSc, MSc Abstract: Siu et al. comprehensively assessed the rapidly changing regulation and reimbursement… Read More »

Medicines regulation in the MENA region and the importance of the World Health Organization’s INN proposal of Biological Qualifier

Published in: Volume 7 / Year 2018 / Issue 3
Author(s): ,
Page: 97-100

Author byline as per print journal: Peter J Pitts, BA; Michael S Reilly, Esq Abstract: The World Health Organization should finalize its Biological Qualifier guidance. Distinguishable naming will allow quick and… Read More »

Potential changes to the FDA approach to biosimilars have a global impact

Published in: Volume 7 / Year 2018 / Issue 2
Page: 53-5

Abstract: The Opinion article of Niazi urges the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make adjustments to its guidance on biosimilar development. This article comments on some of the… Read More »

EU Member States have tools to reduce costs of bestseller biologicals but can they use them?

Published in: Volume 7 / Year 2018 / Issue 1
Page: 5-7

Abstract: Major cost savings are achievable in pharmacotherapy in the European Union since biosimilars to most best-selling biological medicinal products have been licensed. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity may be… Read More »

Global policies on pharmacy-mediated substitution of biosimilars: a summary

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 4
Page: 155-6

Abstract: An extensive overview of policies related to pharmacy-mediated substitution of biosimilars across the world was carried out by Larkin et al. in 2017. The details of this are discussed… Read More »

Patent expiry and costs for anti­cancer medicines for clinical use

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 3
Author(s): , ,
Page: 105-6

Author byline as per print journal: Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Claudia Wild, PhD; Alan Haycox, PhD Abstract: Venkatesan S et al. have researched patent rights and pricing for (non-)tyrosine kinase inhibitors.… Read More »

Strategies for pricing of pharmaceuticals and generics in developing countries

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 2
Author(s): ,
Page: 58-60

Abstract: Dr Brian Godman and Professor Mohamed Azmi Hassali review Rida et al. regarding pricing strategies for pharmaceuticals in developing countries. Submitted: 15 March 2017; Revised: 22 March 2017; Accepted:… Read More »

Biosimilars: achieving long-term savings and competitive markets

Published in: Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 3
Author(s): , ,
Page: 103-4

Author byline as per print journal: Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, PhD; Adrian Towse, MA; Mikel Berdud, PhD Abstract: Payers need to think strategically in medium/long term to maximize benefits from biosimilars. Concerns… Read More »

Low-cost generic drug programs in the US: implications for payers and researchers

Published in: Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 1
Page: 6-7

Abstract: Low-cost generic drug programs (LCGPs) provide affordable generics in the US. However, LCGPs have implications for managed care organizations and researchers relying on claims data. Submitted: 7 March 2016;… Read More »

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