Letters to the Editor

Comment on the non-biological complex drugs paper

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 4
Page: 154, 6

Abstract: Comment on the Special Report by Professor Gerrit Borchard: Complexity in the making: non-biological complex drugs (NBCDs) and the pharmacopoeias, published in GaBI Journal, 2016;5(1):36-41. Submitted: 3 November 2017; Revised: 13… Read More »

Clear naming, traceability of biological medicines will protect patients

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 4
Author(s): , , ,
Page: 153-4

Author byline as per print journal: Adjunct Professor Valderilio Feijó Azevedo, MD, PhD, MBA; Associate Professor Brian Bressler, MD, MS, FRCPC; Madelaine A Feldman, MD, FACR; Professor Alejandro Mercedes, MD Abstract:… Read More »

Pricing strategies for pharmaceuticals in developing countries: what options do we have?

Published in: Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 1
Author(s): ,
Page: 4-6

Abstract: Effective pharmaceutical pricing policies in developing countries are important to ensure accessibility and affordability of essential medicines for the people. Submitted: 24 October 2016; Revised: 27 February 2017; Accepted:… Read More »

Is the EU ready for non-biological complex drug products?

Published in: Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 3
Author(s): , , , , ,
Page: 101-2

Author byline as per print journal: Jon SB de Vlieger, PhD; Professor Gerrit Borchard, PharmD, PhD; Vinod P Shah, PhD; Beat Flühmann, PhD; Sesha Neervannan, PhD; Professor Stefan Mühlebach, PhD… Read More »

First biosimilar of infliximab approved in Brazil: response from the Brazilian IBD society

Published in: Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 1
Page: 4-5

Abstract: CT-P13 was the first infliximab biosimilar approved in Brazil. Approval was granted for all indications of the innovator. Despite similar efficacy and safety, vigilance remains essential. Submitted: 4 January… Read More »

Access to safe and effective biopharmaceuticals

Published in: Volume 4 / Year 2015 / Issue 3
Author(s): ,
Page: 108-9

Author byline as per print journal: Robin Thorpe, PhD, FRCPath; Meenu Wadhwa, PhD Abstract: Comment on the Letter to the Editor by Professor Abdol Majid Cheraghali: Access to alternative biopharmaceuticals in… Read More »

Generic medicines policy in Qatar

Published in: Volume 4 / Year 2015 / Issue 1
Page: 8

Abstract: Qatar’s pharmaceutical market is likely to remain highly dependent on imports. The use of generic medicines remains a great challenge to the country. Submitted: 18 December 2014; Revised: 28… Read More »

Access to alternative biopharmaceuticals in low- and middle-income countries

Published in: Volume 3 / Year 2014 / Issue 4
Page: 164-5

Abstract: Alternative biopharmaceuticals could substantially improve affordability of biotherapeutics in developing countries. However, it seems that these countries need a modified regulatory pathway to guarantee timely access to these medicines.… Read More »

Common or distinct INN for biosimilars? Only characteristics of the active substance prior to formulation should be considered

Published in: Volume 3 / Year 2014 / Issue 1
Page: 8

Submitted: 24 January 2014; Revised: 29 January 2014; Accepted: 30 January 2014; Published online first: 12 February 2014 To the Editor: I read with interest the letter of Dr Edward… Read More »

Biosimilars naming and prescribing policy in Australia

Published in: Volume 2 / Year 2013 / Issue 4
Page: 168-9

Submitted: 31 October 2013; Revised: 6 November 2013; Accepted: 11 November 2013; Published online first: 25 November 2013 To the Editor: I wanted to bring to your attention the following… Read More »

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