GaBI Journal is an independent, peer reviewed academic journal, which encompasses all aspects of generic and biosimilar medicines development and use, from fundamental research to clinical application and policies.

GaBI Journal

  • Offers an independent, peer reviewed publishing platform for scientific research and development of generic and biosimilar medicines
  • Is supported by an International Editorial Advisory Board whose members are well-known and respected, authoritative experts in generic and biosimilar medicines
  • Covers a large variety of editorial elements, such as review articles, meta-analyses, original research, short communications, letters to the editor, articles covering issues on legal/regulatory/guidelines, interviews, and patient-oriented information
  • Contains high quality and authoritative editorial content, e.g. reports, studies, analyses, updates, through invited short reviews from world-renowned experts
  • Provides educational and valuable content carefully researched, compiled and edited by a team of professional Science Editors – ensuring that only the most accurate and reliable information is released
  • Circulates to a worldwide readership of 5,000 academically trained healthcare professionals
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