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GaBI Journal’s business development team is responsible for the licensing of GaBI Journal content. Please contact us with any queries relating to general permissions, translations in local editions, third party licensing and all copyright queries.

Order Reprints

Article reprints are useful promotional tools not only at industry-specific exhibitions, conferences, and meeting, but also for use by corporate sales representatives. Article reprints can be ordered as soon as a paper is accepted for publication… Read more

Sponsor a Supplement

A supplement is an excellent tool for getting critical research and clinical findings direct to the professionals that need them. Contact the Publisher to discuss and agree on the content outline, the number and length of papers, etc.; for the sponsored supplements… Read more


Contact us for all requests from industry, agencies, and companies regarding bulk subscriptions. GaBI Journal is distributed free to selected healthcare professionals. Subscription is available to individuals, institutions, universities, hospitals… Read more

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Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative. We truly appreciate your commitment to promoting trusted information on generics and biosimilars… Read more

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