ROUNDTABLE ON REGISTRIES: Practical Considerations for Registries – making them work 2017

26 January 2017, London, UK

GaBI organized the ROUNDTABLE ON REGISTRIES: Practical Considerations for Registries – making them work on 26 January 2017 in London, UK in collaboration with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

The ROUNDTABLE ON REGISTRIES: Practical Considerations for Registries – making them work, was an interactive meeting with the partici­pation of medical practitioners/specialists, such as derma­tologists, gastroenterologists, who are key opinion leaders; academics, specialist nurses (inflammatory bowel disease, oncology, rheumatology), pharmacists (clinical, oncology), patient groups, regulators, audit group and industry repre­sentatives from the UK to discuss and exchange informa­tion with experts on the design, maintenance and utility of registries in medical practice including the perspective of pharmacovigilance. Forty participants, speakers included, attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on practical challenges of how to incorpo­rate registry data collected in different formats; the role of industry sponsors specifi­cally to pharmacovigilance programmes and how to access registry data; the use of registry data in clinical out­come research covering immunogenicity/adverse events of biologicals used, in build­ing biologicals selection data; how can registries benefit patients; funding models of registries; how can registries improve pharma­covigilance activities; and how can registries improve health economics data research.

A meeting report of this roundtable has been published in GaBI Journal.

You can download the speakers’ presentations of this roundtable meeting:

Registry: how to set up spontaneous reporting – practical challenges, information sharing, multi-source environment, limitation of registry data

Practical experience with a pharmacovigilance register for biologicals/biosimilars – the BSRBR-RA, a Manchester case study

Registers and Health Technology Assessment: a view from NICE

Linkage of registry and routine administrative datasets for pharmacoeconomic research

Enhancing the role of routinely collected clinical data in a registry setting, and to support pharmacovigilance

Patient perspective on biosimilars safety data and other concerns

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