Thank you to reviewers 2018

Published in: Volume 8 / Year 2019 / Issue 1
Category: Thank you to reviewers
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The editors and publisher wish to express their gratitude to the colleagues listed below for their valuable contribution to the peer review process for the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative Journal (GaBI Journal) in 2018.

Professor Othman Alshabanah, Saudi Arabia
Dr Ahmet Bosnak, Turkey
Professor Moses SS Chow, USA
Professor Theodor Dingermann, Germany
Professor Jaime Espin, Spain
Dr Thijs J Giezen, The Netherlands
Dr Elwyn Griffiths, UK
Professor Francisco José de Abajo Iglesias, Spain
Dr Toru Kawanishi, Japan
Dr Suraya Kovvasu, USA
Professor Pekka Kurki, Finland
Dr Gerard Lee, UK
Dr Bradley J Scott, Canada
Dr Robin Thorpe, UK
Dr Jean Vigneron, France
Professor Philip D Walson, USA/Germany

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