Special Report

The MEDICRIME Convention: criminalising the falsification of medicines and similar crimes

Published in: Volume 1 / Year 2012 / Issue 3-4
Page: 138-41

Abstract:  Trade in falsified/counterfeit medical products is a growing global criminal industry, posing a major threat to patients and healthcare systems. Falsified/Counterfeit medical products circulate via unregulated channels, especially the… Read More »

The impact of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies on generics uptake: implementation of policy options on generics in 29 European countries─an overview

Published in: Volume 1 / Year 2012 / Issue 2
Page: 93-100

Introduction: To describe pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement systems in 29 European countries with regard to medicines, particularly generics, and their possible impact on generics uptake. Method: Data collection on pharmaceutical pricing and… Read More »

How matrix models can support generic medicine prescribing

Published in: Volume 1 / Year 2012 / Issue 1
Page: 42-5

Abstract:  This paper describes the design of currently available matrix models and assesses the experience with these models to date. Matrix models provide a valuable tool to facilitate transparent and… Read More »

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