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Biosimilars for Healthcare Professionals


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One-day out-patient prescribing patterns including the use of generics at a national referral hospital in Kenya; implications for the future

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Background: Poor prescribing habits lead to ineffective and unsafe treatment for patients, exacerbating or prolonging of illness as well as causing distress and harm to them. Drug utilization studies can… Read More »

Assessment of medicine quality in emerging markets: the changing face of inferior medicines over time

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Abstract: Surveys of medicines for infectious diseases in emerging markets show a fall in number of counterfeits but a persistence of substandard medicines generating a high risk of antimicrobial resistance.… Read More »

Bioequivalence study of two formulations of 60 mg daclatasivir in healthy volunteers

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Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the bioequivalence between two different formulations of daclatasivir 60 mg film coated tablets through pharmacokinetics comparison. Method: This study was an open label,… Read More »

Assessing the perception and awareness of Maltese clinicians on biosimilars: where are we?

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Abstract: Biotechnology is fast leading the way in the synthesis of biopharmaceutical drugs resulting in a pharmaceutical industry where the manufacturing and marketing of biologic drugs is becoming more and… Read More »

Analysis of Drug Master Files Registered in Japan: For the Stable Supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Introduction/Objectives: A stable supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is indispensable for the stable supply of finished pharmaceutical products (FPPs). API information is generally registered by API manufacturers as a drug… Read More »

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