Original Research

Published in:
Volume 10 / Year 2021 / Issue 2

Variation in the prices of oncology medicines across Europe and the implications for the future

Page: 72-82

Author byline as per print journal: Brian Godman1,2,3, BSc, PhD; Steven Simoens4, MSc, PhD; Amanj Kurdi1,5, BSc, PhD; Gisbert Selke6; John Yfantopoulos7, PhD; Andrew Hill8, PhD; Jolanta Gulbinovič9, MD, PhD;… Read More »

Biosimilars in Saudi Arabia: a single-centre, open-label case series examining infliximab switching

Page: 68-71

Author byline as per print journal: Mansour Somaily1, MD; Hana Alahmari1, MD; Wejdan Abbag2; Shahenda Yousif4, MD; Nawar Tayfour4, MD; Nouf Almushayt2; Saleh Alhusayni3, MD; Saeed Almajadiah4, MD Background: A… Read More »

Summative usability evaluation of the YLB113 etanercept biosimilar autoinjector via simulation

Page: 61-7

Author byline as per print journal: Kelly Canham1, BSc Hons; Claire Newcomb2, MSc Introduction/Study Objectives: Etanercept is a tumour necrosis factor inhibitor indicated for the treatment of several inflammatory disorders.… Read More »

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