Original Research

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Volume 9 / Year 2020 / Issue 3

Systematic analysis of injection-site pain and reactions caused by subcutaneous administration of the adalimumab biosimilar FKB327 versus the adalimumab reference product via different delivery methods

Page: 108-15, 96

Author byline as per print journal: Rieke Alten1, MD, PhD; Herbert Kellner2, MD; Malcolm Boyce3, MD; Takuma Yonemura4, MD; Takahiro Ito5, MSc; Mark C Genovese6, MD Introduction/Study objectives: FKB327 is… Read More »

Qualitative survey-based evaluation of operability and convenience for the etanercept biosimilar YLB113 in a unique injection pen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Page: 100-7

Author byline as per print journal: Toshihiko Hibino1, MD; Tomohiko Yoshida2, MD, PhD; Akira Sagawa3, MD, PhD; Ikuko Masuda4, MD, PhD; Takaaki Fukuda5, MD Introduction/Study objective: Needle fear is common… Read More »

European prescribers’ attitudes and beliefs on biologicals prescribing and automatic substitution

Author(s): ,
Page: 116-24

Introduction: The European Union (EU) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have led the development of a regulatory framework for biosimilars since 2004. By end of December 2019, 64 biosimilars… Read More »

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