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Volume 10 / Year 2021 / Issue 2

An overview of the current status of follow-on biologicals in Iran

Author(s): ,
Page: 100-6

Author byline as per print journal: Farhang Rezaei, PharmD; Nassim Anjidani, PharmD Background: The advent of follow-on biologicals in Iran and biosimilars worldwide have provided various treatment options for several severe… Read More »

The EU regulatory network and emerging trends – a review of quality, safety and clinical development programmes

Page: 83-99

Author byline as per print journal: Marta Zuccarelli1, PharmD; Benjamin Micallef1, PharmD; Mark Cilia1, PharmD; Anthony Serracino-Inglott1,2, PharmD; John-Joseph Borg1,3, PhD Introduction/Study Objectives: The development of biosimilars is challenging due… Read More »

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