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Volume 2 / Year 2013 / Issue 3

Safety and toxicity of biosimilars—EU versus US regulation

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Page: 144-50

Author byline as per print journal: Tobias Blank, PhD, Tilo Netzer, PhD, Wolfram Hildebrandt, MSc, MA, Angela Vogt-Eisele, PhD, Professor Marietta Kaszkin-Bettag, PhD Background: As patents for biological drugs begin… Read More »

Steps to ensure adequate supply of biological medicines: considerations for the healthcare provider

Author(s): ,
Page: 136-43

Author byline as per print journal: Andrew Mica, MBA, Martha Mutomba, PhD, Larry Green, PharmD Introduction: When drug shortages occur, healthcare providers (HCPs) often must ration drugs, cancel or delay… Read More »

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