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Published in:
Volume 5 / Year 2016 / Issue 3

The generic medicines system in Italy: scenarios for sustainable growth

Author(s): , ,
Page: 114-22

Author byline as per print journal: Federico Fontolan1, MA; Silvia Zucconi1, MStat; Carlo Piccinni2, PhD Abstract: In this paper, an overview is provided of the present Italian generic medicines system.… Read More »

Current state of subsequent entry biologics (biosimilars) in Canada: a view from regulatory, reimbursement, clinician, and patient perspectives

Author(s): ,
Page: 105-13

Abstract: Biological molecules represent a significant portion of therapies utilized in Canada. Biosimilars, also known as subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) in Canada, are highly comparable versions of the originator products.… Read More »

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