Special Report

Published in:
Volume 6 / Year 2017 / Issue 2

Interchangeability of biosimilars in the US and around the world

Page: 97-8

Abstract: In this paper, differences across the world are highlighted when it comes to the interchangeability of biosimilars. The lack of harmonization makes it difficult for biosimilars makers and could… Read More »

Overview of the patent expiry of (non-)tyrosine kinase inhibitors approved for clinical use in the EU and the US

Author(s): , , ,
Page: 89-96

Author byline as per print journal:┬áSubramanian Venkatesan, MSc; Associate Professor Martine Lamfers, PhD; Professor Sieger Leenstra, MD, PhD; Professor Arnold G Vulto, PharmD, PhD, FCP Abstract: Kinase inhibitors form the… Read More »

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