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Volume 1 / Year 2012 / Issue 1

A review of patient perspectives on generics substitution: what are the challenges for optimal drug use

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Page: 28-32

Author byline as per print journal: Helle Håkonsen, MScPharm, PhD; Else-Lydia Toverud, MScPharm, PhD Introduction: With a few exceptions, generic drug use has been promoted in western countries by allowing pharmacists to… Read More »

European payer initiatives to reduce prescribing costs through use of generics

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Page: 22-7

Author byline as per print journal:  Brian Godman1,2,3, BSc, PhD; Bjorn Wettermark1,4, MSc, PhD; Iain Bishop5, BSc; Thomas Burkhardt6, MSc; Jurij Fürst7, PhD; Kristina Garuoliene8, MD; Ott Laius9, MScPharm; Jaana E Martikainen10,… Read More »

A patient-centred paradigm for the biosimilars market

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Page: 17-21

Abstract: The advent of similar biological medicinal products or ‘biosimilars’ in Europe in the 2000s has led to development of a global biosimilars market and regulatory frameworks designed specifically for… Read More »

Biologicals and biosimilars: a review of the science and its implications

Page: 13-6

Abstract: Biopharmaceuticals are medicines whose active drug substance is made by living cells. Copies of these drugs, called biosimilars, are not identical to their reference drug and therefore specific regulatory… Read More »

A review of generic medicine pricing in Europe

Page: 08-12

Introduction: Switching from originator products to generic equivalents is a key method used by governments to reduce costs and keep their healthcare systems sustainable. The aim of this article is… Read More »

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