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Volume 7 / Year 2018 / Issue 1

The impact of religion on human embryonic stem cell regulations: comparison between the UK, Germany and the US

Author(s): ,
Page: 22-5

Abstract: This paper describes the differences in human embryonic stem cell regulations in several Christian countries across the world: Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany and the US. It discusses issues related… Read More »

Biosimilar infliximab introduction into the gastroenterology care pathway in a large acute Irish teaching hospital: a story behind the evidence

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Page: 14-21

Author byline as per print journal: Gary L O’Brien, BPharm, MPharm; Donal Carroll, BSc (Hon) Pharmacy; Mark Mulcahy, BComm, MSc, PhD; Valerie Walshe, BA, MA, PhD; Professor Garry Courtney, MB, FRCPI; Professor… Read More »

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