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Volume 3 / Year 2014 / Issue 3

Ongoing initiatives to improve prescribing efficiency in China; statins as a case history

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Page: 122-32

Author byline as per print journal: Wenjie Zeng, BSc, PhD; Houmei Xi, B Eng; Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Alexander E Finlayson, MD, MRCP;  Rickard E Malmstrom, MD, PhD Introduction: Pharmaceutical expenditure… Read More »

Barriers to market uptake of biosimilars in the US

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Page: 108-15

Author byline as per print journal: Joshua P Cohen, PhD; Abigail E Felix, BA; Kim Riggs, MPH; Anumeha Gupta, MD Background: In the US, a new approval pathway for biosimilars has been established… Read More »

GnRH agonists and antagonists in prostate cancer

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Page: 133-42

Author byline as per print journal: Robert Janknegt, PharmD, PhD, Niels Boone, PharmD, Frans Erdkamp, MD, PhD, Victor Zambon, MD Abstract: This manuscript describes the System of Objectified Judgement Analysis… Read More »

Retrospective chart review: disrupted anaemia control in haemodialysis patients following the switch to an iron sucrose similar (ISS) after long-term treatment with the originator iron sucrose (IS)

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Page: 116-21

Author byline as per print journal: Professor Jacques Rottembourg, MD; Corinne Emery, MSc; Alessandra Moglia, PhD Study objective: To describe and compare the haematological parameters and the anaemia medication use in… Read More »

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