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Volume 4 / Year 2015 / Issue 2

Product naming, pricing, and market uptake of biosimilars

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Page: 64-71

Abstract: With a number of patents on biological medicines soon to expire in the US, multiple stakeholders – from policymakers to manufacturers to payers – have been debating the structure… Read More »

Pharmaceutical pricing in Croatia: a comparison of ordinances in 2013 versus 2009 and their potential savings to provide future guidance

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Page: 79-89

Author byline as per print journal: Ljiljana Sović Brkičić, MPharm; Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Martina Bogut, BSc; Miron Sršen, MD; Hye-Young Kwon, BPharm, MPH, PhD; Winnie de Bruyn, BSc; Tonko Tabain,… Read More »

Differences in pharmacokinetic behaviour of branded enoxaparin and a US generic version in a non-human primate model

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Page: 72-8

Author byline as per print journal: Professor Walter P Jeske, PhD; Jeanine M Walenga, PhD; Nicolas Simon, MD, PhD; Debra Hoppensteadt, PhD; Josephine Cunanan, MD; Vicki Escalante, BS; Jawed Fareed, PhD;… Read More »

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