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Volume 1 / Year 2012 / Issue 2

Payers endorse generics to enhance prescribing efficiency: impact and future implications, a case history approach

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Page: 69-83

Author byline as per print journal: Brian Godman1,2,3, BSc, PhD; Mohammed Abuelkhair4, PharmD; Agnes Vitry5, PharmD, PhD; Shajahan Abdu4, MD; Marion Bennie6,7, MSc; Iain Bishop7, BSc; Sahar Fahmy4, PhD; Kristina Garuoliene8,… Read More »

What lessons can be learned from the launch of generic clopidogrel?

Author(s): ,
Page: 58-68

Author byline as per print journal: Christoph Baumgärtel1, MD; Brian Godman2,3,4, BSc, PhD; Rickard E Malmstrom5, MD, PhD; Morten Andersen6, MD, PhD; Mohammed Abuelkhair7, PharmD; Shajahan Abdu7, MD; Marion Bennie8,9, MSc;… Read More »

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