Impact of generics on European budgets

2016-10-07 A report by the Germany-based Institute for Healthcare and Social Research (IGES) released on 16 November 2015 found that generics could contribute to reducing healthcare… Read More »

Pharmacists’ attitudes towards domestic generics in Afghanistan

2016-10-05 The aim of the study by Hassali et al. was to survey community pharmacists regarding their attitudes about the quality and price of locally manufactured… Read More »

Prescribing similar biotherapeutic products in Latin America

2016-10-03 Prescribing practices vary across different countries in Latin America and reveal gaps in understanding and in the use of distinguishable names for biologicals [1]. A… Read More »

Paediatric use of low-cost generic programs in the US

2016-09-30 Low-cost generic drug programs (LCGPs) in the US increase the affordability of prescription medication that can treat many common paediatric conditions. LCGPs are a loss-leader… Read More »

Generics market share in Europe

2016-09-28 Generics make a major contribution to the European drug supply, according to a report by the by Germany-based Institute for Healthcare and Social Research (IGES).… Read More »

Physicians’ and pharmacists’ perspectives on generics use

2016-09-26 The review study of Toverud et al. shows that both physicians and pharmacists have acknowledged strategies for generics use as an attempt to curtail increasing… Read More »

Barriers to biologicals competition

2016-09-23 As finding breakthrough small-molecule drugs becomes more difficult, drug companies are increasingly turning to ‘large molecule’ biologicals. Although biologicals represent many of the most promising… Read More »

Generics reduce costs and increase access

2016-09-21 Generics reduce costs for both patients and payers and increase patient’s access to medicines, according to a report by the Germany-based Institute for Healthcare and… Read More »

Use of generics in cardiovascular diseases

2016-09-19 Researchers from Italy and the US carried out a meta-analysis with the aim of comparing the efficacy and adverse events, either serious or mild/moderate, of… Read More »

Non-biological complex drug concept: experiences with iron sucrose and low molecular weight heparin

2015-08-25 When the patent of a classical small molecule drug expires, generics may be marketed if their therapeutic equivalence to the originator drug has been established.… Read More »

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