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Articles appearing on the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page are in the order of the Journal Editorial Sections.  You may also view the abstract by clicking on the article link.

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Editor’s Letter

What to look forward to in GaBI Journal, 2020, Issue 2 / Professor Philip D Walson, MD


Importance of the determination of the higher order structure in the in-use stability studies of biopharmaceuticals / Professor Alain Astier, PharmD, PhD

Quality standards for biopharmaceuticals: the importance of good manufacturing practice / Elwyn Griffiths, DSc, PhD

Original Research

Systematic analysis of injection-site pain and reactions caused by subcutaneous administration of the adalimumab biosimilar FKB327 versus the adalimumab reference product via different delivery methods / Rieke Alten, MD; Herbert Kellner, MD; Malcolm Boyce, MD; Takuma Yonemura, MD; Takahiro Ito; Mark C Genovese, MD

Local policies on biosimilars: are they designed to optimize use of freed resources? / Bertolani A, PhD,a Jommi C, MSa

Physicochemical stability of the bevacizumab biosimilar, ABP 215, after preparation and storage in intravenous bags / Jolita Seckute, PhD, Ingrid Castellanos, PhD, Steven Bane, PhD

Qualitative survey-based evaluation of operability and convenience for the etanercept biosimilar YLB113 in a unique injection pen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis/ Toshihiko Hibino, Tomohiko Yoshida, Akira Sagawa, Ikuko Masuda,Takaaki Fukuda

European prescribers’ attitudes and beliefs on biologicals prescribing and automatic substitution / Madelaine Feldman, MD, FACR; Michael S. Reilly, Esq.

Review Article

Global challenges in the manufacture, regulation and international harmonization of GMP and quality standards for biopharmaceuticals / Chong Hock Sia; Ming Kian Sia; Lai Wah Chan

Current trends for biosimilars in the Latin American market / Esteban Ortiz-Prado, Jorge Ponce-Zea, Jorge E Vasconez, Diana Castillo, Diana C Checa-Jaramilloz, Nathalia Rodríguez-Burneo, Felipe Andrade, Damaris Intriago, Claudio Galarza-Maldonado


Policy recommendations for a sustainable biosimilars market: lessons from Europe / Professor Philip J Schneider, MS, FASHP, FFIP; Michael S Reilly, Esq


Pelmeg®, a biosimilar pegfilgrastim developed in the context of evolving regulatory guidelines / Karsten Roth, Hendrik Wessels, Josef Höfler, Ulrike Scholz, Dirk Lehnick

Regulatory pathway for approval of ‘biosimilars’ in Iran / Jalal Naeli, MD

Meeting Report

3rd Colombian educational workshop on regulatory assessment of biosimilars 2019 – Report / Professor John-Joseph Borg, PhD; Yolanda Elias Gramajo, MD; Professor Andrea Laslop, MD; Robin Thorpe, PhD, FRCPath; Jian Wang, MD, PhD

Special Report

Biosimilars markets: US and EU compared / GaBI Journal Editor

Clinical trials for trastuzumab biosimilars / GaBI Journal Editor

Research News

Poor traceability of biologicals in UK ADR reporting indicates the need for improvements to ensure patient safety / Kevin Klein, PhD

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*Editorial content may differ from final version of manuscript published in print.

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