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Editor’s Letter

Unmet potential of Generics and Biosimilars to reduce healthcare costs / Professor Philip D Walson, MD


Ever-changing landscape of biosimilars in Canada; findings and implications from a global perspective / Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Eleonora Allocati, BSc, MSc; Evelien Moorkens, BSc, MSc

Original Research

Pharmacy Chain Drives Choice among Manufacturers of Generic Drugs in the US Medicare Population / Steven Kozlowski, MD, Ellen Tworkoski, MS, MPhil, Carmen Dekmezian, MS, Yanchang Zhang, MPH, Natasha Flowers, BA, Alvin So, MS, Andreas M Schick, PhD, Michael Wernecke, BA, Thomas MaCurdy, PhD, and Jeffrey A Kelman, MD, MMSc

Pricing of oral generic cancer medicines in Europe; findings and implications / Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Andrew Hill; Professor Steven Simoens, MSc, PhD; Amanj Kurdi, BSc, PhD; Jolanta Gulbinovič, MD, PhD; Antony P Martin; Angela Timoney; Dzintars Gotham, MBBS; Janet Wale; Tomasz Bochenek, MD, PhD; Celia C Rothe; Iris Hoxha; Admir Malaj; Christian Hierländer; Robert Sauermann, MD; Wouter Hamelinck; Zornitza Mitkova; Guenka Petrova, MPharm, MEcon, PhD, DSci; Ott Laius; Catherine Sermet; Irene Langer; Gisbert Selke; John Yfantopoulos; Roberta Joppi; Arianit Jakupi; Elita Poplavska, PhD; Ieva Greiciute-Kuprijanov; Patricia Vella Bonanno1, BPharm, MSc, PhD; JF (Hans) Piepenbrink; Vincent de Valk; Carolin Hagen, Anne Marthe Ringerud, Robert Plisko, Magdalene Wladysiuk, Vanda Marković-Peković, PhD; Nataša Grubiša; Tatjana Ponorac; Ileana Mardare; Tanja Novakovic; Mark Parker; Jurij Fürst; Dominik Tomek, PharmD, MSc, PhD; Mercè Obach Cortadellas; Corinne Zara; Maria Juhasz-Haverinen, MScPharm; Peter Skiold; Stuart McTaggart; Alan Haycox, PhD

Review Article

An Ever-Evolving Landscape: an Update on the Rapidly Changing Regulatory and Reimbursement of Biosimilars in Canada / Eric C K Siu, MSc, PhD; Anne Tomalin, BA, BSc; Kevin West, BA; Sandra Anderson, BA, MBA; George Wyatt, BSc, MBA

Are there biosimilar orphan drugs for Gaucher disease? An overview in Mexico / G Castañeda-Hernández, PhD; L Carbajal-Rodríguez, MD; M Cerón-Rodríguez, MD; Professor LC Correa- González, MD; A Esquivel-Aguilar, PhD; SJ Franco-Ornelas, MD; JE García Ortiz, PhD; CM Hernández- Guadarrama, MD; JI Navarrete-Martínez, MD; Y Santillán-Hernández, MD; E Terreros-Muñoz, MD

The Evolution of the European Biosimilars Market / Michael S Reilly, Esq; Professor Philip J Schneider, MS, FASHP


It is time to change US trade policy to foster access to medicines / Maria Fabiana Jorge


Why ‘similar’ can make a big difference / Zorana Maravic, BSc, MBA

Special Report

A progress report on the 3rd International Symposium on Scientific and Regulatory Advances in Biological and Non-Biological Complex Drugs: A to Z in Bioequivalence / Jon SB de Vlieger, Daan JA Crommelin, Beat Flühmann, Imre Klebovich, Stefan Mühlebach, Vinod P Shah

Meeting Report

1st ASEAN Overview Workshop on GMP for Biologicals/Biosimilars 2018 – Report / Elwyn Griffiths, PhD, DSc, Professor Chong Hock Sia

2nd MENA Stakeholder Meeting on Biosimilars 2018 – Report / Andrea Laslop, MD; Jian Wang, PhD; Robin Thorpe, PhD, FRCPath

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