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Online First articles are copyedited by the science editors and the editorial production team; typeset, proofread and approved by the author(s) before publication. We aim to post each article within six weeks of acceptance and within two weeks after final proofreading approval by the author. Online First articles are in searchable full text, with the initial online publication date included in the final print version.

Articles appearing on the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page are in the order of the Journal Editorial Sections.  You may also view the abstract by clicking on the article link.

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Editor’s Letter

First 2021 GaBI Journal issue highlights / Professor Philip D Walson, MD

Original Research

Biosimilars – status in July 2020 in 16 countries / Hye-Na Kang, Robin Thorpe, Ivana Knezevic, Daehyun Baek, Parichard Chirachanaku, Hui Ming Chua, Dina Dalili, Freddie Foo, Kai Gao, Suna Habahbeh, Hugo Hamel, Edwin Nkansah, Maria Savkina, Oleh Semeniuk, Shraddha Srivastava, João Tavares Neto, Meenu Wadhwa, Teruhide Yamaguchi

An assessment of trends in the Iranian pharmaceutical market following domestic production of selected medications (2007‒2017) and new considerations for health policymakers / Marzieh Zargaran, PhD Candidate; Abdol Majid Cheraghali, PharmD, PhD; Fatemeh Soleymani, PharmD, PhD; Rajabali Daroudi, BSc, MSc, PhD; Ali Akbari Sari, MD, PhD; Shekoufeh Nikfar1, PharmD, MPH, PhD

Summative usability evaluation of the YLB113 etanercept biosimilar autoinjector / K Canham, C Newcomb

Prices of cancer medicines across Europe; findings and implications for the future / Brian Godman, BSc, PhD; Steven Simoens, MSc, PhD; Amanj Kurdi, BSc, PhD; Gisbert Selke; John Yfantopoulos; Andrew Hill, PhD, et al.

Biosimilars in Saudi Arabia: a single-centre, open-label case series examining infliximab switching / Mansour Somaily, MD; Hana Alahmari, MD; Wejdan Abbag; Shahenda Yousif, MD; Nawar Tayfour, MD; Nouf Almushayt; Saleh Alhusayni, MD; Saeed Almajadiah, MD

Reasons for patients’ generic drug switching at the pharmacy counter: a pilot study / Pieter J Glerum, MSc; Mert Hayta, PharmD, MSc; David M Burger, PharmD, PhD; Cees Neef, PharmD, PhD; Marcel L Bouvy, PharmD, PhD; Marc Maliepaard, PhD

Review Articles

Continuous manufacturing versus batch manufacturing: benefits, opportunities and challenges for manufacturers and regulators / Adjunct Associate Professor Sia Chong Hock, BSc (Pharm), MSc; Teh Kee Siang, Associate Professor Chan Lai Wah, BSc (Pharm) (Hons), PhD

An overview of the current status of follow-on biologicals in Iran / Farhang Rezaei, PharmD; Nassim Anjidani

The EU biosimilar framework – experience to date. The EU regulatory network and emerging trends – a review of quality, safety and clinical development programmes / Marta Zuccarelli, PharmD; Benjamin Micallef, PharmD; Mark Cilia, PharmD; Anthony Serracino-Inglott, PharmD; Professor John-Joseph Borg, PhD


Regulatory pathway for approval of ‘biosimilars’ in Iran / Jalal Naeli, MD

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