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Online First articles have been peer reviewed, accepted for publication and published online; they have not yet been assigned to a journal issue. When an article is published in a journal issue with the assigned page number, it will be removed from the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page.

Online First articles are copyedited by the science editors and the editorial production team; typeset, proofread and approved by the author(s) before publication. We aim to post each article within six weeks of acceptance and within two weeks after final proofreading approval by the author. Online First articles are in searchable full text, with the initial online publication date included in the final print version.

Articles appearing on the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ page are in the order of the Journal Editorial Sections.  You may also view the abstract by clicking on the article link.

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Editor’s Letter

Fourth and final issue of GaBI Journal’s seventh volume / Professor Philip D Walson, MD


Nomenclature for biosimilars; a continuing thorny issue / Robin Thorpe, PhD, FRCPath

Original Research

Ongoing activities to influence the prescribing of proton pump inhibitors within the Scottish National Health Service: their effect and implications / Professor Brian Godman, PhD; Amanj Kurdi, PhD; Holly McCabe, MSc; Sean MacBride-Stewart, MSc; Axel Leporowski, MD; Simon Hurding, MD; Professor Marion Bennie, MSc; Professor Alec Morton, PhD

Pricing of oral generic cancer medicines in Europe; findings and implications / Brian Godman, Andrew Hill, Steven Simoens, Amanj Kurdi, Jolanta Gulbinovič, Antony P Martin, et al.

Review Article

The Need for Distinct Nomenclature for Originator and Biosimilar Products / Michael Sarshad, BSc, MBA; Rosanne Campbell, BComm, PGdip, MSc; Peter J Pitts, BA; Jacqueline Vanderpuye-Orgle, MSc, PhD

Biocomparable Drugs in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of Gaucher Disease / L Carbajal-Rodríguez, MD; M Cerón-Rodríguez, MD; Professor LC Correa-González; A Esquivel-Aguilar, PhD; SJ Franco-Ornelas, MD; JE García Ortiz, PhD; CM Hernández-Guadarrama, MD; JI Navarrete-Martínez; E Terreros-Muñoz, MD

Global landscape of biosimilars: literature review / Zineb Lachhab; Wiame Lakhlili; Bouchra Meddah


‘Biosimilars’ between competition and patient protection: considerations in light of the EU and Italian legal framework / Enrico Adriano Raffaelli; Fausto Massimino

Meeting Report

First GCC Stakeholder Meeting on Approval Process, Interchangeability/ Substitution and Safety of Biosimilars 2017 – Report / Gianluca Trifirò, MD, PhD; Meteb Al-Foheidi, MD, FRCPC; Ali M Alhomaidan, PhD; Ahmed H Aljedai, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, FCCP, FAST; Musaed Abdullah Alkholief, PhD; Mohammad A Alsenaidy, MSc, PhD; Aws Alshamsan, BPharm, RPh, PhD; Tore Kristian Kvien, MD, PhD

2nd MENA Stakeholder Meeting on Regulatory Approval, Clinical Settings, Interchangeability and Pharmacovigilance of Biosimilars 2018 – Report /


Theory of change: an approach to improve access to medicines in low- and middle-income economies / Mohammad Bashaar; Vijay Thawani; Mohamed Azmi Hassali; Fahad Saleem; Tafseera Hashemi

Special Report

Patent expiry dates for biologicals: 2018 update / Michelle Derbyshire, PhD, GaBI Online Editor

Abstracted Scientific Content

US generic prescription drug markets 2004‒2016 / Alice Rolandini Jensen, MSci, GaBI Journal Editor 

Escalating prices of generic drugs targeted by US anti-gouging legislation / Sophie Shina, MSc, GaBI Journal Editor

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